Raida at Flagler's Barge

Raida at Flagler's Barge

How do I book a trip?

It’s as simple as calling or emailing us. There are details to work out over the phone once we confirm available dates that will work for you. 



What should I bring?
Remember not to over pack! Space is limited! Check out the What to Pack link on the Booking Page.

How much storage space is there for my dive gear?
Again, space is limited! It’s a small concession to make in exchange for going to the many varied sites we’ll visit in the week you are diving with us. All dive gear stay on deck, lashed to the lifelines and in gear bags.

What time do we set sail?
You are welcome to board the boat after dinnertime on your evening of arrival. We leave the dock the following morning after breakfast.

When do we return to the dock?
We return to the dock late afternoon the day prior to your departure. 

Where is the Conch Pearl docked?
That depends on the time of year you are booking us. Sometimes we depart from Marathon, FL, during our busy season with Boy Scout charters (spring and summer). And sometimes we depart from Key West, our home port. We’ll confirm that at the time of your booking.

Will I get seasick?
Anything is possible, and the best way to avoid seasickness is to prevent it! Begin taking your seasickness medication the night you arrive at the boat to get it into your system. Some think they don’t need it, refuse to take it and spend the next few days feeling miserable. Avoid the misery and take the stuff. Remember, seasickness medicine is like sunscreen–it is a preventative, not a cure! If you don’t need it after a day or so of getting your sea legs, then stop taking it.

What is our itinerary?
The weather determines that! We try to take you to where the diving conditions will be the best for the current weather.

Do we sail?
Of course! As often as the wind blows! Be prepared to help raise and lower the sails!

Do you have showers?
Yes, there is a below deck shower.  There is also a hose on deck for rinsing off between dives.

What is the food like?
We like to keep it simple and satisfying. There’ll be the typical three meals a day and fresh fruit for snacking in between.

What if I have special dietary needs?
We’ll need to know in advance, and work with you when possible. If your needs are extreme, we ask that you bring along what you need.

Will we fish?
As often as possible! And there is no comparison to fish freshly caught.

What do you mean by continuing education?
If you would like to increase your certification level, work on some specialties, etc. we can schedule a diving instructor (for a fee) to be onboard for your charter. Some of the dives during your charter may be counted towards increasing your cert level.

How many dives will I get?
That depends on you. We normally offer at least three or more dives a day, weather permitting. 

What dive gear do I need to bring?
You’ll need mask, fins, snorkel, BCD, regulator, gauges, gloves (optional), dive light and tank light (or chemical stick) for night dives. We provide tanks, weights and weight belts.

Do you rent dive gear?
No, we do not. But we can set you up with a local outfitter who can.

Can we snorkel?
Yes, many sites we visit have shallow areas suitable for snorkeling. This is a great option for folks who don’t dive that come along as a companion to a diver.

What is the weather like?
The moderating affect of the warm ocean waters keep from soaring much beyond the mid nineties in the summer or dipping below the lower fifties in the winter. See our weather links on the About the Keys link on the Adventure page.

Do I need a wetsuit?
Summer water temps are warm enough to dive without a wetsuit. Late Fall, Winter, and Spring are cool enough to warrant exposure protection.

What if I need to cancel my vacation?
Check out our cancellation policy under the BOOKING page. We strongly advise you to purchase vacation insurance.

Can I recharge batteries?
We have an inverter in the main cabin by the oak dinette table.

What kind of dives do you offer?
We offer reef, wreck, and night dives. 

What if I need to be contacted in an emergency?
We’ll be close enough to shore towers that cell phones will work in the mornings and evenings.

What forms are required?
We’ll need a signed charter agreement, a signed assumption of risk form, and a liability release signed as well. 

What if the passengers are primarily youths?
Then we’ll need signatures of parents/guardians on the forms.

Where do we go during the trip?
We spend the bulk of our time in the waters between Key West and Marathon.

What if there’s a hurricane?
If Monroe County issues a mandatory evacuation for non-residents, we’ll be required to terminate the charter. In that event we will issue a pro-rata refund for the portion of the charter cancelled. You will be responsible for your transportation expenses out of the Keys.

Do I need a fishing license?
No, the license is included in the charter fee.

Is the trip enjoyable for non-divers?
There are plenty of other activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, touring, etc.