Perfect giant stride!

Perfect giant stride!

Diving is easy aboard Conch Pearl!

There are gates on both sides of the deck, so two divers can deploy at the same time. From the deck of the boat to the water’s surface is about four feet, so be ready for a giant stride entry. On the port side of the boat is our custom dive ladder. It has a gentle slope, hand-rails and wide rungs for an easy exit from the water.

Tanks are filled by a diesel compressor on the stern of the boat. This convenience allows us to stay away from shore for days at a time. Because space is limited, all dive gear remains on deck and is secured to the lifelines amidships.

Aboard the boat we stock weights, weight belts, and tanks. So bring along your own dive gear, including mask, snorkel, fins, BCD and regulator. You’ll also need a dive light if you plan on night dives. A surface signal device, like a tube or flag, is recommended (especially if you are an inexperienced navigator). You’ll need a wet suit if you’re booking winter or spring.

For your safety, we carry a DAN oxygen kit in the case of emergency. We also have a diver recall system that we can deploy and speak to you while you are underwater. As an added measure we also have a bullhorn to be able to speak to you across greater distances at the surface.

Sites include reef, wreck, and night dives. Some sites require we pick up a mooring ball and at some we drop the anchor.

Dive sites that we can visit:

  • Sombrero Reef Lighthouse
  • Flagler’s Barge
  • Loose Key National Marine Sanctuary
  • Sand Key Lighthouse
  • Joe’s Tug
  • Cayman Salvage Mater
  • Adolphus Busch
  • Herman’s Hole
  • Samantha’s Reef
  • Western Sambos
  • Toppino’s Buoy
  • Eastern Dry Rocks
  • Nine Foot Stake
  • Western Dry Rocks
  • Kedge Ledge

You can find more information on these dive sites and many more, click here.