Boy Scouts


Classtime for the boy scouts

Classtime for the boy scouts

If you’ve booked a scout charter through Florida Sea Base, here are some helpful insights!  Much of the information on this site pertains to our privately booked charters.  Because you’ve booked through Florida Sea Base, some different preparations are necessary for you to be ready for your High Adventure aboard our vessel.  Please remember our schooner runs one of three possible schedules.  For information specific to the other boats, please contact Sea Base.

ARRIVAL AT SEABASE: Plan on arriving at Seabase closer to 2:00 pm rather than 4:00 pm. You have many things to accomplish at Seabase before you can begin your adventure onboard the Conch Pearl. If you arrive late in the afternoon, you’ll start off behind schedule. That directly relates to how much time you’ll have to go diving from our boat. So plan on making the most of your time and arrive earlier rather than later, especially if you need to return rental cars. Remember that your crew works as a unit, so when adult leaders are occupied returning cars, gear cannot be issued, nor swim or scuba reviews completed, etc.

DIVE GEAR: Sea Base provides almost all the things needed for diving.  What they DO NOT provide is a DIVE WATCH (and computers are not provided). Please be sure each diver is equipped with an underwater time keeping device (watch or computer).  As we will not be diving deeper than 60 feet (a Sea Base rule) computers are not really necessary.  Please be advised, one problem we often see with the provided equipment is a poor fit of fins, resulting in many a blistered foot.  If you are considering bringing any of your own gear, well fitting fins would be our advice!  Defog is also not provided, but it is available for purchase at the Sea Base ships store.

CREW LEADER: Please choose a worthy and able crew leader, someone with prior experience and a successful record. This is a serious high adventure experience, and leadership is a necessity.  You’ve had time to plan for all the other details, don’t take this detail for granted!

BRING BEDDING AND MATS: Make sure your crew brings sleeping mats and sleeping bags (or a sheet, light blanket and pillow). Sleeping mats are essential for sleeping on deck, you’ll get a better breeze and be able to count the stars!

SEASICKNESS: The best way to avoid seasickness is to prevent it! Begin taking your seasickness medication the night you arrive at Seabase to get it into your system. Some think they don’t need it, refuse to take it and spend the next few days feeling miserable. Avoid the misery and take the stuff. Remember, seasickness medicine is like sunscreen–it is a preventative, not a cure! If you don’t need it after a day or so of getting your sea legs, then stop taking it.

FIRST AID KIT: You do need to bring along your normal troop first aid kit. Conch Pearl is equipped with a more elaborate first aid kit if necessary, but for routine cuts, scrapes, seasickness,  sunburns and headaches, you’ll need to dispense the treatment.

LEARN YOUR KNOTS: You will be using knots on this trip that you have already learned as a scout. Please arrive at the boat with the ability to tie a clove hitch, a cleat hitch, a bowline and a square knot.

LEARN ABOUT MEAL PREP AND CLEANUP: Everyone aboard is needed to pitch in with meals.  This means cooking and cleaning up.   Simple skills such as slicing, dicing, and DOING DISHES BY HAND IN A SINK  are performed everyday.  If you and your group are not well versed in these subjects, take the time to become so before you arrive!  Good hygiene aboard is non-negotiable–it is a requirement!

ANCHOR WATCH: Everyone will be expected to stand watch in shifts during the night time hours.  Bring along a book and headlamp if you like!

Please email us with questions you may have. We want you to be prepared for your adventure!